Friday, August 1, 2008

Multitasking Mama

The lovely part about summer is the work-out inducing weather for such activities as, say, cycling. And, yet, a heart-rate-raising ride is not easy--not possible--with two 4-year-olds and a 3-year-old. (We don't have a Bike Burley--would a Burley contain my all-girl band? If it did, I suppose that would be a heart-rate-raising ride.)

So what's a mom to do? This mom pulled her bike trainer out of the basement, where she sometimes rides during winter months to the tune of Troy Jacobson's Spinervals. But just as entertaining, is watching her children's escapades on the driveway. With the added benefit of sunshine. 

When I ride my bike on the driveway, my girls must ride their bikes, too, so we all get to exercise and I get to watch their special bike tricks: JC flying down the slope of the driveway full blast, the obstacle courses they set up with mini cones, using their brakes to stop *super* fast, the races amongst themselves. Plus, I was like the pied biking piper. Kids from around the neighborhood joined us on our driveway with their bikes, too. Working out from home is sooooo much better when you don't have to plop your kids down in front of a video. I've done it. But, it's guilty sweat.

The only hitch? Everyone wanted to ride my slick bike. So 10 minutes into my ride, I started getting asked every three minutes: Can I have a turn? When are you going to be done? Can I get on now? This was rather annoying but not deterring. I just shooed them away and kept pedaling. They all got their turn, but after mommy had hers.

My preference of course, is to workout without having to also be responsible for children. However, when I can accomplish a good multitasking sweat, I feel like Super Mom, which only lasts until one of my children goes head over handle bars and ends up looking like this:



Charlotte said...

Love it! Sometimes I think our best skill as mothers is improvisation! Too bad about the "ouchie" tho:(

Laura said...

Will you be my friend? ha ha I did my first tri (a sprint while training for an oly) when my twins had just turned one. I just completed my second tri season and I just found your blog... from iamtri. com and bob baney. I love it!!!! :) Good luck w/ your pregnancy and w/ your fitness!