Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Noticed

This weekend The Boy joined me in my office. He likes to steal all the credit cards and business cards he can find to "play mail" by slipping them through the handle on a desk-top file box. Occasionally I read his mail and unbeknownst to me he was "reading," my computer screen. When I opened the Hot (Sweaty) Mamas website I heard him murmur the words, "Hot Sweaty Mamas."

His little voice speaking those words floated around in my brain like a magic carpet for a few seconds.

You all know this is much neater depiction
of the real thing. I love the boxes. Indeed
there are boxes of books on the floor.
I know that my most important job on the planet is to wipe bottoms and noses, make healthy meals and snacks, keep the kids dressed for the elements, read to them, play with them, snuggle with them, and on it goes. There are other things this mom does, too, so when they acknowledge that--say by coming home with artwork like this--the recognition means more than a photo of me in People Magazine. Only a mother knows I speak the complete truth.

But my son, he's only two. I don't expect him to know or care what mom does outside of playing trains (or in his words, "frains,") and building Lego towers. Even when I take him on a run with me, I'm pretty sure he thinks we're out there for his amusement.

So as his little voice swooshed around my head, saying the title of the book that has been part of my consciousness long before he was even conceived, I thought I hadn't really heard it, that I just linked his physical presence to what was before me somehow. To be sure, I asked, "What did you say?"

Then he said it again, to my face.

Just so you know, I just heard him say his own name out loud a few days ago, which was pretty exciting, too.

I got excited all over again. So excited that I grabbed my Flip camera and asked him to repeat the title for my enjoyment. Just so you believe me, I'm sharing it with you below.

When I say "thanks" at the end it's as if I'm thanking my supervisor after a good job review.

I'm hoping Hot (Sweaty) Mamas will be on the lips of others this week as we kick off our Virtual Book Tour. We will be visiting a blog a day from now until mid December. We have a list of all the bloggers who will be hosting us on the tour. Many of them will be doing give-aways, which is a nice way to snag a copy for yourself or someone else (it's gift-giving season!) The first five stops this week are:

11/14 Chubby Chicks Run Too 11/15 Step it Up with Steph 11/16 Fit Knit Chick 11/17 Bump Life11/18 The Well Mom

Check it out and join us on our "road trip."

Do your kids know what Mom does when she isn't changing diapers or making lunches (after washing her hands in between, of course)?


mamacat said...

love it! Go Hot Sweaty Mama and go go go little sweaty man!

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