Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Re-Boot Camp

As you already know, I’m a fan of Ms. MindBody, Kate Hanley. I’ve been through her personal coaching sessions (on my dime, so this isn’t an advertorial) and I love where I am with my life, especially because I now have room to breathe, which as it happens helps you better steer the course you want your life to take and best of all, enjoy the journey.

For example, here was me last holidays: It was mid December and the Christmas cards had been rolling in for weeks causing great anxiety--nay anger!--that people had the time to send holiday cheer when I couldn’t fathom getting around to sending cards myself(formerly a joyful experience for me). I felt inundated by life and down on myself that I wasn’t tuning in to the important, family time the holidays are supposed to be about.

Now, cut to this year, after coaching from Kate: Christmas cards are done. I know, it’s November! The family project I hoped to get to last year is done, too (and after some space to think on it with better results). When my husband suggested having a company party at our house I was excited. Merriment! Plus my parents are coming. Love! It’s not about what needs to get checked off my list, it’s about enjoying the season.

Are  you looking forward to the holidays or are you dreading them?

As Kate says, “if you’re dreading the holidays that means dreading a full two months out of the year. That’s 1/6 of your life. And that’s just not right.”

It’s not right. So if you fall in that “dreading” category here’s more from Kate about a new program she’s offering--starts this week!--that will help you get into the holiday spirit.

For years, the very thought of Christmas and the holiday season shivered me timbers. It meant weight gain, credit card debt, and general unease that I wasn’t having as much meaningful fun as everyone else. Know what I mean? 

That's why I created the Holiday Re-Boot Camp - a group coaching program that starts today Monday, November 12. Because I'm sick of the holidays being about:

  • Obligations
  • Keeping the peace
  • Feeling isolated
  • Running yourself ragged
  • Feeling compelled to over-spend 
  • Wondering why you're not having the meaningful memories you're 'supposed' to be having

I want this year to be the year that women everywhere draw a line in the sand and claim the holidays to be what they are intended to be -- a restorative and joyful highlight of the year.

So, how do I do this?
I’m a mind-body coach, yoga teacher, and author, and I help busy women slow down, breathe deep, and get in touch with what’s truly important to them so they can stop worrying about stuff that doesn’t really matter and learn what true, guilt-free productivity feels like. I know that when you make a little space in your life for things that help you get quiet, you can hear that most important feminine asset – your intuition. And when you let that inner wisdom lead the way, you are unstoppable, fulfilled, happy, and the ultimate role model to the people around you. Not bad for a little sitting still, right??

And I know that when you take a little time to figure out what you truly want, you can set intentions and make decisions that create a force field around you and your experience. And that’s why I created the Holiday Re-Boot Camp – a 6-Week Group Coaching Program to Help You Have a Happy, Healthy, and Sane Season. 

The bootcamp consists of six weekly calls where you’ll learn how to set your intentions for the coming weeks, make decisions that honor those desires, use simple mind-body practices to soften your reactions to stressful triggers and soothe yourself so you don’t get swallowed up by stress, and weave mindfulness in to your days so you can savor the good parts of the season and learn from the bumpy parts. 

You’ll get oodles of handouts, including a mantra worksheet, and intention worksheet, and a no-drama decision cheat sheet, audio files of guided meditations, and even videos demonstrating some of the techniques we’ll cover. You’ll also get plenty of time to get your questions answered by me, so you get the exact information you need to handle the holiday situations that are troubling you. I’m pouring as much information, inspiration, and support as I possibly can in to these 6 weeks , because what I want us to experience how powerful we are when we make the choice to live intentionally. I also want our annoying family dynamics to shift just because we show up differently. And I want our kids to grow up remembering the holidays as a truly joyful time, and to see us modeling how to live according to what you truly want.

For those of you who are clear that what you want is more peace, less stress, and more control over your experience during the holiday season and beyond – because of course, everything we learn in the Holiday Re-Boot applies to every other time of year too – head over to

I’m offering Kara’s reader 30% off the regular price of $197. That’s nearly $60 off, for a total investment of $138. This is an incredibly affordable way to work with me and learn practices that will change your life for the better all year long To get your discount, use the discount code MAMA. 

And if you’re feeling like yes, this is exactly what you need and want to finish 2012 on an up note, don’t delay! Our first class meets today (but you’ll have all week to catch up by listening to the recording). 

Take care and keep breathing,

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