Monday, December 17, 2012

Commitment Day is Dawning

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my husband: Captain Commitment.
I love him dearly, even when he goes to work dressed like this.

You know you're thinking about it. You can't help yourself; this time of year it's Pavlovian: What  changes, or resolutions, will you make come January 1?

Stop the madness. Just commit already. That's the thinking behind a new movement fostered by Life Time Fitness: Commitment Day. I am married to Captain Commitment, seen above, so I thought I'd throw on my cape today, too.

I already believe you get what you commit to. Commitment Day isn't really about one day (although there is a 30-city celebration January 1 by way of a 5K), it's about defining what more you want for your life and going after it. (I wrote more about Commitment Day in this article: "Commitment is the New Resolution".)

For starters, you might be familiar with my rant about how expensive it is to do a 5K. Well, this one is not only affordable (made more affordable to my dear readers who will get a discount when you register by entering the code: corp1045), but also children 17 and under are free. FREE! A family friendly 5K! Yes!

It also just feels so good to live well. We watched the progression of someone committing to a fit life, when I followed MamaCat for a year while she was "Becoming a Hot (Sweaty) Mama." She's put another year into her fit life and she wrote to tell me about it. She said:

Becoming a Hot Sweaty Mama literally changed the course of my life. I'll always need my fitness to keep me happy and healthy. 
Well, guess who else has changed the courses of their lives? My family. My children. Christmas lists this year consist of things like "running shoes" and "sports gear", medals from summer family races replace candy canes and my 10-year-old daughter just ran her first 5K race. Alone. Because she wanted to. So she did. Her twin brother ran his first 5K this summer. Because he wanted to. So he did. Their 6-year-old sister times her runs and pushed to increase speed on her mile (she gets the speed stuff from her dad). Their dad, my dear husband, runs regularly constantly upping his mileage when this time last year he was recovering from heart surgery. We all embrace the fitness that is so much a part of our lives.  
Becoming a Hot Sweat Mama literally changed the couse of our lives. 
You get what you commit to.

Our family is signed up for Commitment Day. I've already committed to a dose of daily om, whether that's a single yoga pose, a few deep breaths in the car, or lying in shivasana for 10 minutes. I'll take what I can get, but it will be a deliberate checking in with myself. I'm also committed to healing my body, which means I'm going to try some new, gentler ways to move. I'm going to continue my commitment to eating the foods that serve me best (as revealed in the detox program) and serving whole foods as much as possible.

What will you commit to? Tell me! And if you're in or near one of the 30 cities hosting the Commitment Day 5K, join us! Use the code corp1045 to get a discount on registration!

This will be the last post of 2012! Happy holidays and happy New Year. See you in 2013!


Nicole B said...

I just discovered your blog tonight and I must say that I am loving it! I love your writing style and your passion for fitness is an inspiration to my inner fitness goddess who is longing to step out and run and be fit alongside my hubby as we "mature" together. 2013. Decision. Just. Made. Thank you!

Kara said...

Thanks for your sweet note Nicole and for joining me here. Happy committing!

Evangelista Nick said...

Today I decided to look up weight loss success stories to motivate me in getting fit. I think you managed to do so, tomorrow is the day the change starts. Thank you so much!