Monday, April 18, 2011

Update #4 from Mamacat

Which is harder? Finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood or finding fitness in the chaos of business travel?

Much like our children don't ever give us "time off," when you're on the road for work it can seem as if you're on the clock from take off until you touch down back home. Mamacat is persevering, but here's what she had to say in an email to me last week:

Mamacat is PENT UP LIKE A CAGED DOG doing taxes and work. I've been in my workout clothes all day--since the lead on my project called and said, "You are going to the gym? Oh, that must be nice. I had to skip church. But the client is expecting this document today and the multi-million dollar contract is waiting for YOU, so can you please make it your priority?" Like a sucker I caved. Weak, like the jiggle of my thighs (that were in route to firmness!). 
Oh, haven't we ALL been there? And sometimes that person who keeps us working instead of working out is ourselves. And you know what? Sometimes, honestly, that IS the right thing for us to do. There's a little something in the book, "Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom," we call the "Sweaty Decision Tree." It helps answer that question, "Should I work out or not?"Variables include whether or not the workout will leave you more or less stressed out and what your workout plans were the day before and if you think a workout is possible the following day. Ultimately Mamacat's thighs had to wait another day for a workout. No big deal. Has she worked out since? Yes, she has. And that is enormous progress for her, because in the past, these massive work projects were an excuse for her to go months at a time without a workout. No more. If she misses a day (or two or three) she doesn't see that as giving up. Now she's finding a way to get to that workout as soon as she is able and finding ways to "snare" time, as we say in the book:
I walk instead of taking a cab, I take the hotel stairs instead of the elevator. I've even gotten up in a few (women only) meetings and done lunges while we work. It has been very challenging to get a long hardcore workout in, but I'm keeping my body moving. I also bought a new "across the body" purse so I could swing my arms better when tramping through the airport to log more time on my Polar Activity Monitor. That was a smart move (except for the divorce court I may end up in when my husband sees the price of the purse!). 
One of the hardest shifts in my thinking as a "Fit Mom" was allowing these short fitness bursts to count toward workout time, or a short workout worthy of being considered a "real" workout. Not only do they do your body good, they also keep your mind engaged in the sport of snagging exercise wherever you can get it (this can become a fun challenge) and ensures that you keep thinking of yourself as a fit mom. Because at the end of the day you will feel better about doing leg lifts while waiting for a cab than if you had done nothing at all.

Mamacat is crisscrossing the continent again this week. And I want to make sure she sees this video from Coach Troy Jacobson about training for cycling while traveling. 

And because you're persevering with your workouts on the road and at home (Mamacat recently watched her son play baseball while lunging and squatting on the sidelines--atta girl!) I'm throwing in a package of FitDeck Cards donated by Skirt Sports. When you're looking for a fitness idea while couped up in a hotel room (and let's face it, getting up to move will allow more oxygen to the brain, which will ultimately help you be more productive) break out these cards and keep moving!

Next challenge for Mamacat to conquer? Eating more vegetables. Girlfriend gags on just about everything except iceberg. She's motivated though, because at the end of the month she starts training with Moms on the Run, and if she eats their quota of vegetables every week for a month, she will be rewarded with a massage. Yeah, huh. Do you have a try-it-you'll-like it vegetable or recipe or sneaky way to consume veggies? Please share with us here for Mamacat (and those of us with veggie avoiders at home). Anyone who leaves a comment will win their own FitDeck via Skirt Sports.

P.S. For those readers in the Minneapolis area, Mamapedia is offering a sweet deal for the Moms on the Run Program. More than half off their 18-week fitness program and you get to train and bond with other moms! Incentive galore!