Monday, May 2, 2011

Update #5 from Mamacat

When the subject line showed up in my in box, "Weak Week," I expected the worst from Mamacat. After reading the email, though, I am certain she is farther down the road to becoming a Hot (Sweaty) Mama than she realizes. In the book we talk about qualities that every Hot (Sweaty) Mama needs to sharpen. Those are 1) Initiative, because no one is going to workout for you, 2) Confidence, feeling strong about your priority to be fit, 3) Persistence, try and try again and if it doesn't work today try again tomorrow, and 4) Creativity, because sometimes we have to exercise "outside the lines."

Mamacat used all of those qualities last week, don't you think? Here's her report:
It feels like this past week was a weak one for me, but in hindsight I ran twice so it wasn't a complete wash. I left for Boston at the crack of dawn on Monday and returned home in time to make it to the launch of Moms on the Run. That is going to be really cool. I think it helped, both mentally and physically that it was freezing cold by the lake... we couldn't get started running fast enough. Before I knew it, we had completed our first run/walk class with 60 second runs and 3 minute walks. There were a few "bursts" that went by quickly and others in which I felt like I was sucking sand. The camaraderie was cool, though: Sisterhood rocks. I actually had to say outloud that I was 1) running to try and like running and 2) running so I could do a duathalon. The latter made me sound like I was fit.
Kara interrupting here to say, YES! YES, to all of it, especially that part about sounding like you are fit. You are walking the talk (quite literally).
I ate my veggies that night, too. Rutebega slices and cucumbers; both raw, both fresh and both good.  I also started buying fresh fruit from the deli counter when I stop to get my morning Diet Coke. With fruit at my desk, I nibble on that instead of naughty things. 
Rutebega? That's pretty darn bold for a woman who doesn't like veggies! Sounds like someone who wants to earn her massage!
No work out for the next few days after a multi-day migraine. Saturday morning I slept through the 8 am spin class and by the time I left for the gym realized they didn't have daycare hours in the afternoon. I stayed in my workout clothes and when my weekend-working husband arrived home, I took the kids to the track at the park and did the same workout as I did on Wednesday with Moms on the Run, while they rode bikes. Having had "direction" on what to do, I couldn't cheat myself. 
Today, Sunday, I had to catch a flight and I felt too much pressure to hit the gym and pack and make it to the airport on time. The flight was delayed so it will be too late by the time I get in. Monday is a new week and a new day. I know I will find time to do my Moms on the Run homework and am jonesing for a spin class!  
Initiative, Confidence, Persistence, Creativity. It's all there!
Oh, did I mention breaking in my new running shoes, a serious-support-the-girls sports bra and really good socks? Mental and physical difference. Tonight I'm gong to sleep with my Hot Sweaty Mamas book under my pillow so all the good karma and tips will seep out into my brain. I'm serious. Why do you think I bought the shoes? There is a chapter for that.  
Just for the record nowhere in the book do we recommend sleeping with a copy of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas under your pillow, but hey, if it works for you we won't discourage it either! A New Jersey publication called Parent Paper just published a Q&A with Laurie and I, where you can read more about our thoughts on being Hot (Sweaty) Mamas!

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bearing said...

Have to laugh at the "running to try and like running" thing. It took me months and months to NOT HATE running every time I got on the treadmill. I remember telling my husband, "I am still running because I can't quite figure out why I hate it so much." He laughed at me and said, "When you learn to like it, will you stop then?"

I did figure one thing out along the way when, not having felt so well, I went for an "easy run." When you are used to running a certain speed (and hating every minute of it), it can feel fun to run not quite as fast. That slower run, outside, was actually enjoyable. So I figure I kind of get it now how people can claim they "love running." I think maybe the secret is to run hard runs most of the time, and an easy run now and again so you can notice what your hard work has earned you. I mean, the "easy run" now -- the run that's fun -- is something I could not even DO a few years ago. I used not to be even able to run around a track once without stopping to walk, and now I can run a 5K at 5.5 mph and it's "easy" and "fun." That doesn't cease to amaze me.