Monday, September 21, 2015

Is "Athlete" the new "Princess"?

Recently a mom from Oklahoma, Betsy Gregory, snapped a photo of her daughter's softball team and it went viral. Why? Because this team, "The Freeze," played softball in dresses from the movie Frozen. Today, even the girly girls are playing sports. Athlete isn't synonymous with being a tomboy anymore. You can be fierce and sparkle.
That's why I love Go! Go! Sports Girls new campaign: "Athlete is the New Princess."

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It's all about #girlpower. More great comparisons coming. Follow @gogosportsgirls on social media to see them as they come out.

Go! Go! Sports Girls just launched a new monthly contest to celebrate our girls in sport. If you want to be entered to win free product, all it takes is loading a photo of your favorite girl playing her favorite sport/being active/getting dirt on her skirt. The photos already loaded on the page are A-Dorable!
This month's giveaway includes both soccer dolls and the soccer book.
As a mom of three daughters who have grown up playing with the Go! Go! Sports Girl dolls I feel like I did something right as a parent to be able to give them dolls that represent who they are, versus something I DON'T aspire for them to become (are you listening Monster High and Bratz dolls?) They have a Go! Go! Sports Girls doll for just about every sport they've tried (and so they have a lot) but I loved buying them because I felt I was validating their life just as it was (helps that the dolls are built in specification to a real girl's body, too). You don't have to be glamorous; you don't have to aspire to wear high heels; you don't need blowfish lips and heavy eye make-up. Even if you do want all that, can't we save it for later? Do we really need to push that on 6-year-olds?

Athlete is the new princess because 17 million girls play an organized sport every year.

Athlete is the new princess because Title IX helped create this new line of royalty.

Athlete is the new princess because we have women like Maya Moore and Serena Williams holding court. Women like Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas, and Hope Solo showing girls how to shine.

Athlete is the new princess because dress up now includes team uniforms, cleats, and sweatbands.

Athlete is the new princess because strong is the new pretty.

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