Monday, July 14, 2014

Golden Girl Fitness Mentor

A while ago I went to one of my favorite yoga classes and found there would be a substitute teacher. As usually happens when I walk into a class with a sub, I start wondering if this teacher will give me what I need or at least what I have come to expect from the usual teacher.

We always get what we need, don't we?

As she made introductions and we sat for the invocation I felt the presence of a great woman. I was charmed by her Texas accent (go figure), her silver pixie haircut, and especially her complete lack of attempt to appear younger. She was a "senior citizen," and she owned it.

Add to that she was a competent yoga instructor with a capable, athletic body. She was mesmerizing, I tell you. I left that class fulfilled by her teaching and getting something I didn't expect: another fitness mentor.

With each passing year I find I'm looking out for the those women who are pursuing active lives when their contemporaries are choosing to move less, not more. (One happens to be my own mother.)

Becoming a certified yoga instructor has been on my bucket list for some time, but I never seem to get around to it.  With this yoga teacher's inspiration I know that life goal can remain on my list for as long as it needs to be.

Have you got a "Golden Girl" fitness mentor? If you need some inspiration, check out this movie trailer about Mary Stroebe, who competed in the Life Time Fitness Triathlon in her 90s. And read more about finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood on my website,

Mary and Bill Trailer from Andrew Napier on Vimeo.

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