Monday, October 20, 2014

Life Cycle of a Running Stroller

Since The Boy turned five, I don't think we've used his stroller once. Is five the official graduation age out of a stroller? Now the stroller sits in our garage where we trip over it often to get to bikes, roller skates, and scooters. We had a good run with our Bob revolution stroller, and I can't help but look back fondly over the good years we had together.
Sure I used the stroller for exercise, but it was an excellent restraint system, too.
As kids get older, they need a few distractions like snacks and toys to go the distance.

Strollers are also rolling cribs. If toddlers fight naptime, like this one did,
the stroller is a great tool to induce sleep. Plan workouts accordingly.
When does a stroller become obsolete? Slowly the kid will spend more time out of it than in,
and as you push the empty stroller you will wonder why you didn't just leave it (the stroller, not the kid) at home. 
Strollers are for babies.
FOR SALE: Gently used orange Bob Revolution stroller. 

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