Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Raising a Fit Family

The Boy, now 6, is fickle. He loses interest quickly in any activity or sport he participates in. He made it through two sessions of gymnastics this fall but now says he's done. He doesn't want to play basketball. He likes rock climbing but doesn't want to take lessons. Same with swimming. So what, I asked him, does he want to do?

"Exercise at home," he said.

Because I'm on a mission to raise a fit family I was tickled by his answer. In my effort to keep him active and introduce new sports, though, I hadn't considered that option, but yes, of course, playing outside or being active at home should be part of his lifestyle (just like it is for his mom and dad, which he observes on a regular basis and so--yeah!--he noticed). Saving money to sign him up for some class is an added bonus.

When I started Mama Sweat my intention was to motivate moms to find space in their busy demanding lives to take care of themselves with regular workouts. It wasn't long before I realized kids needed to be part of this fit life too. They were watching, after all, and I wanted them to grow up to be active and healthy as much as I wanted to stay active and healthy. Turns out I wrote enough material about this to publish the fourth book in the Life as a Fit Mom eBook series. Raising a Fit Family is now available for $1.99 at:

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