Monday, December 28, 2015

Life as a Fit Mom: The Complete eBook Series

This is my 480th post on Mama Sweat. I have finished publishing all six books in the Life as a Fit Mom eBook series and now the final book that includes the complete series. Ta-Dah!

Life as a Fit Mom: The Complete eBook Series is available for $5.99 on:
Apple iBooks
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Barnes and Noble and Kobo should have it within the next day or so.

As the days for 2015 dwindle and the expectations for 2016 rise, I have an "I've got this" feeling, which no doubt I've earned, not just through trial and error, but from writing about those experiences on this blog. Thanks for listening and giving me space to flesh out the best way to balance fitness and motherhood (or learn from my mistakes).

What I've discovered in these last seven-plus years:

1) Committing to a fitness goal is hard. This I've known for a long time, even back before I had kids. No matter what is going on in your life you have to want that goal, really want it, for that goal to see light. Committing to something can make you feel vulnerable, which can be scary. Then you have to rise above that fear and work toward your goal with focus, passion and intensity. Whether you've set your sights on a 5K, being able to do a pull up, deadlift your body weight, or finish an Ironman triathlon, getting to the finish line will feel easy compared to making the commitment and working toward your accomplishment. And when you do reach your goal the exhilaration is priceless. But there is a price, often a high one, for pushing your body to its limits and so you should spend wisely (and not declare body bankruptcy like I did a few years ago).

2) Committing to an active life is easy. It is. Boils down to moving everyday. The simplicity is shocking. For me, that revelation is also empowering. Being active everyday is also inclusive for my kids (and dog). Most everyday I go for a walk, hike or run for whatever amount of time available, even if I have only 10 minutes. We have a living area in our house with nothing more than a gym mat. There is always someone moving in some way in that room. I fit in yoga and pilates a few times a week and throw down some push ups or play on the bosu ball here and there. I move every single day without any expectations and that's what opens up my options and opportunities to make an active life easy.

I've got this. I'm going to keep on living this active life and when the desire for a fitness goal strikes, I'll take it on. (But I will be judicious about when and how often I do this). I've got this. I'll keep taking my kids on hikes, to go swimming, rock climbing, play tennis, or other activities to keep their bodies engaged (and one of these days they'll appreciate it). I've got this. I'll keep writing and weaving fitness into my work, whatever that continues to be. I've got this. I've also got a messy kitchen, piles of unfolded laundry, and a neglected junk drawer. I've also got a loving family, faithful friends and good neighbors. As I enter 2016 I just have this overwhelming feeling that I've got this. And if you haven't already figured it out, you do too.

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