Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mama Sweat is now Life as a Fit Mom

Looking for a post from Mama Sweat? Click over to where you'll find highlights from Mama Sweat and links for the Life as a Fit Mom eBook series, based on the blog.

At you'll find posts on fitness while:

  • pregnant
  • postpartum
  • while children tag along
  • clinging to sanity
  • motivationally stuck
  • ill or injured

In addition the "Ways to Get Moving Now," section includes:

  • 9 Life as a Fit Mom videos
  • 28-Day Fitness Challenge
  • 6 steps to train for a 5K
  • Everything I know about pelvic floor fitness

The new site also includes How to Make Mama Sweat, Raising a Fit Family, A Fit Mom's Gym Bag and Winning as a Fit Mom.

I've kept a few more recent posts here and all the original posts about pelvic floor strength (hands down the most popular topic I blogged about).

Please stay connected with me on the Hot (Sweaty) Mamas Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also check out the work I'm doing over at Go! Go! Sports Girls. And don't forget the e-newsletter sign-up form on my website so I can touch base here and there with Life as a Fit Mom progress reports (i.e. will she or won't she convince her son to choose nature over Netflix?).

Good luck as you continue to find fitness in the chaos of motherhood and remember, it's okay to let them see you sweat!

Kara Thom

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